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Vision Hill Gallery is found in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  
Wayne Leslie Krause 
Award winning Artist and Sculptor 
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When Wayne Leslie Krause was a child he was not offered the opportunity to verbally express his feelings or share any thoughts, ideas, or dreams.  It was a challenging young life, but at a very early age, this challenge became the catalyst to an interest in sketching and painting.  It was at this place he found a blessing.  He developed this talent, and he discovered that he was someone who had value and a special gift to share with others.  It was in this creative process, that he experienced a new found freedom; a message of life and freedom in which he is often ready to share. 

As a young man, he was taught to work in the medium of metal, and it was at this place in his journey, that he became inspired by some of the great artists and sculptors.  He studied the works of Constanin Brancusi, David Smith, Fletcher Benton and many others. ​ He shares that his greatest study is of the Master Artist; the Creator.  One can capture this in his use of whimsical movements and placements of objects that remind one of the larger universe.  He shares his love for God's creation with his series of birds, and fish, and plant life.

Today his passion is in the challenge of mastering this medium, and his life is dedicated to its message.  For he says "steel is a cold and unforgiving entity, but it can be molded, and shaped to offer a creation that springs forth life and freedom..." which is the essence of the on going work found in this artist's heart.

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